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Coding with Lego 4-6 years


Coding with Lego is a unique course that introduces preschoolers to early coding and critical 21st-century skills, while naturally sparking their curiosity, creativity, and desire to explore and learn together.

Kids buil LEGO models like Simple machines and make some of them run using electric motors. From coding an electronic mouse to navigate through a maze or guiding a train to the correct destination using logical coding blocks, there are a number of fun acumpteen number. They do some fun-based coding activities that have definite levels and progressively move ahead to more challenging levels. Learning coding concepts using Lego Coding express, Using electric motors to run the machines, Animation coding activity are some of the lessons covered during the camp.

The course curricula allows children to intuitively explore early coding concepts while developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking and collaboration.

Skills learnt:

Computational skills, Problem solving , Critical thinking, Collaboration, Expressing ideas and imagination

Lego Science & Robotics 7-9 years

This is a unique camp that teaches robotics and computational thinking using Lego education sets( Lego Wedo 2.0 and Simple Machines)

Students build and program different machines each day using Lego and program them using block based programming language.

The progression and difficulty level in the projects allow students to develop competency while exploring and learning about key science topics.

Devices and Lego sets will be provided by us.

Skills learnt:

Computational skills, Design & Innovation, Science concepts, Creative skills, Presentation & communication skills


Lego Robotics 8-12 years


This camp is a hands-on, cross-curricular program that engages and challenges high school students to practice their STEM and robotics skills in a ‘near real-world’ environment. Easily adaptable to fit any learning environment, MINDSTORMS EV3 offers the opportunity for confidence-boosting in-depth study, preparing students to pursue further education in computer science, engineering and other related areas.

Chess 5-12 yrs


Chess Online Holiday Camps

Chess  Holiday camp for Beginner level 1,2 & 3

Play chess during these holidays  to improve your focus and cognitive skills.

Learn the basics of the game and rules as per the International Chess Federation from an experienced coach .

 If you already know how to play chess, we will take you to the next level. Taught using zoom and,, chesskid

Topics :

Chess Rules & Etiquettes

Chess openings

Special Moves

Chess tactics 

Basic checkmates

Code Easy (Scratch) 

Coding workshops are an amazing way for our kids to start developing important skills such as computational thinking, algorithmic logic, problem-solving and creativity.Coding, just like any other language, is learned best at a young age. There are many ways to teach programming, however, the main challenge is how to explain abstract mathematical concepts like axis, parameters and variables to young children. Scratch, a programming language that was developed by MIT, rises to the challenge. It uses colorful animation to help illustrate difficult concepts and opens a door to the wonderful world of code.

Highly recommended that students bring their own laptop or ipad/tablet so that they continue to practise at home.

You may also loan a laptop for the entire duration of the camp for a nominal amount. Please ask for it during registration.


                Code Easy 

(Python , Introduction to HTML)


In the real world category, we offer two different courses, Python and Build your own website (also called as Introduction to HTML).

Python is a programming language that provides real skills for the future. It’s an amazing, text-based coding language, perfectly suited for children older than the age of 8. This makes it a perfect resource to follow up more visual, block-based coding programs like Scratch. Python is also considered the language of choice for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – all areas that are extremely in demand in our current economy

Highly recommended that students bring their own laptop or ipad/tablet so that they continue to practise at home.

You may also loan a laptop for the entire duration of the camp for a nominal amount. Please ask for it during registration.

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