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AI for Kids

For Holiday Camps Only



About the Course

Why AI for kids?
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the ability for computers to do things that are considered attributes of intelligence: processing language, understanding pictures, detecting patterns, etc.
The environment in which our children are growing up includes instances of A.I. driven devices and services. There is a pragmatic reason for teaching kids about A.I. which is its direct bearing on employability and future career success. This is a powerful way of robot-proofing your kids.

Computer vision, Face recognition, Speech recognition , Model trainings, Game development are some of the interesting modules of the course. Block based programming language(very similar to Scratch) will be used to teach AI concepts .Students will use few/all of the modules to create interesting applications of A.I.


Basic understanding of coding concepts . Experience with Block based programming language like Scratch will be an added advantage.

Learning Outcome

After completing this AI curriculum, students will have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the help of a wide variety of AI projects.

Apart from the aforementioned learning outcomes, this AI curriculum will also help them develop important skills such as problem-solving and debugging techniques, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity

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