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Coding (Scratch)

For Holiday Camps Only


7+ years

About the Course

Scratch, a programming language that was developed by MIT, is used to teach coding concepts to kids in this course. Using Scratch kids create digital games and animations on the computer. The interface is very easy, fun and attractive for kids. Learning how to code , develops problem solving and logical thinking skills in kids.
Each of the lessons introduce a foundational concept including; variables, operators, Boolean, grids, coordinates, degrees, angles, conditional statements, loops, random numbers, functions, and parameters.
Students will code a game using these concepts and will upload the projects online on the Global Scratch community platform.
​Highly recommended that students bring their own laptop so that they continue to practice at home.

You may also loan a laptop for the entire duration of the camp for a nominal amount. Please ask for it during registration.


Age 7 + yrs. No prior knowledge required. Basic computer/laptop operation is recommended.

Learning Outcome

Coding skills, Problem solving , Algorithmic thinking

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