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Coding with Lego

For Weekly Course


4+ years

About the Course

This course is a creative and intuitive program that introduces young learners to early coding and problem solving skills, while naturally sparking their curiosity, creativity and desire to explore and learn together.

Kids do various activities to learn the concepts of coding and robotics. Learn coding using an electronic mouse in a maze, build models using Lego Simple machines and Wedo, Learn coding concepts using Lego Coding express, Program motors and sensors to run robotic machines, solve coding puzzles and much more.
Once your kid has understood the basic concepts, he/she can use any programming language or app to code games and animations with ease.


Age 4 + yrs . No prior skills required.

Learning Outcome

Computational/Coding Skills, Understanding of basic Robotics , Fine control of electric motors and sensors, Problem-solving

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