Lego Science   (Total 10 hrs)

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 02-06 Dec(Full)               12:30-2:30 PM

 09-13 Dec                 12:30-2:30 PM

 16-19 Dec(1 seat left)    9:30-12:00 PM

 23,24,26,27 Dec       1:00-03:30 PM





6-12 yrs


Code Easy (Total 10 hrs)

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09-13 Dec                  9:30 AM-11:30 AM

16-19 Dec                   1:00 PM -3:30 PM

24,25,27,28 Dec         9:30 AM-12:00 PM

(HTML course)





7-14 years



Chess ( Total 8 hrs)

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 2-5 Dec  (Full)                   9:30 AM-11:30 AM





6-12 yrs



Lego Science

Animal Adaptations

Kids learn about the animal life, their adaptation and as predators how do they use their body to grab food.

Various machines will be built in this camp that reflect animal behaviors and their adaptations. 

 Pollinating bees, frog's metamorphosis, Predator and prey, Animal senses are some of the topics around which the lego machines will be built

Lego Science

Natural Disasters

The theme of this camp is build solutions to save life from natural disasters on our planet. In this camp, kids learn to build machines and robots that will help human beings to save life from earthquakes, floods, volcanoes

Some of the machines are

- Rescue Helicopter

- Automated Flood gates

- Earthquake Simulator

- Volcano Alert machine 

Children learn about natural disasters, possible ways to detect , alert and save lives using their creativity and problem solving skills.

Lego Science

Space Machines

Kids learn about the challenges faced by astronauts and space scientists. Kids use their problem solving and innovative skills to build space machines for various purposes. Satellites, Moon base builder, Mars Rover, Base Vigilance Robots, Encoder-decoder are some of the machines that are built in this level.

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Code Easy with Scratch

Code Easy is a workshop to teach programming to kids. We use Scratch - a visual programming language by MIT as a medium for teaching programming to kids. At the end of the course kids will have completed programming a couple of computer games

Topics covered in this level are

Sprite creation, backdrop change, using costumes 


Visuals and sounds



Code Easy with Lego

Kids will program Lego Robots using Scratch ( a programming language for kids). This course combines the fun of building Lego with audio-visual and animations in Scratch. It is a unique course that has dual features of learning programming with robots. A project will be completed by the end of this course that has a story around a lego machine that can be operated with a lego remote controller.

Code Easy - Python

Kids will learn to program in Python to create a fun project like a game, interactive chat bot , calculator.

Programming concepts covers one or more topics from below:

Variables and datatypes




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Age group 6-12 yrs

In this camp we teach kids Beginner and Intermediate level chess. In Beginner level basic rules of the game and piece movements will be taught. A few tactics will be taught based on age and level of child. In intermediate level, it is assumed that the child knows basic chess game and special moves. The focus in this level would be on tactics and strategies. 

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Code Easy-Build your first website

​This camp is for children who are interested in web development and designing.The basic languages of web like HTML and CSS will be taught and students will design and build their own website. They also get to host it on the internet to share with family and friends.

  1. Introduction to Web development

  2. Learn HTML & CSS

  3. Intro to web fundamentals

  4. Design & Write your content

  5. Host your website and share it with your friends to see

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